1000 Gardens in Africa: Our principles in action

‘A Thousand Gardens in Africa’ was launched in 2010 to create 1000 food gardens in schools, villages and the outskirts of cities in 25 African countries. The project is one way that Slow Food is helping communities enjoy food sovereignty. As traditional farming skills and access to land were lost, and farming itself become a low status occupation, local African communities were exposed to high food prices driven by international markets. This simply added to poverty, malnutrition and insecurity. By learning to farm again on a small scale, young people are growing the foods that will nourish their communities and create better futures for themselves and the people they feed. Read more about the work being done in aid of this project. 

1000 Gardens at the Farmers Market

1000 Gardens at the Farmers Market

We're thrilled that by the end of 2013/14 Slow Food Edinburgh met our target of £800 to 'adopt' an African garden.

Our contribution will support the Wallay School Garden in Sierra Leone. We're in the process of finding out more about their progress but we hope to share the latest news and updates as soon as we have them.

Many thanks to all the wonderful restaurants, organisations, chefs and supporters without whose generosity we would not have reached our target so quickly!