Meet our Committee


Eleonora Vanello
Eleonora discovered Slow Food when was living in Italy. She was very fascinated by SF’s events as they tell the story and traditions behind each produce. Volunteering with SFE is giving her the opportunity to know the land where she lives and the food and drink traditions, understand what biodiversity and climate change really means and have a lot of fun with people that share her passion.
Andrew Marsden
Andrew is a retired emergency medicine consultant and former medical director of the Scottish Ambulance Service. An inveterate “foodie”, he joined Slow Food nine years ago following a food walk centred on the Farmers’ Market - he has served on the Committee since shortly thereafter. Andrew has been Secretary since 2012. He is a member of the steering group for the newly formed Slow Food Scotland which has co-ordinated Slow Food activity in Scotland since devolution from Slow Food UK in 2014. He has organised numerous Slow Food events promoting the Good, Clean and Fair ethos within Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland.
Steven Brown
Co-Chair & Chef Alliance for Edinburgh

Steve true passion for food was ignited, working for fellow Chef Alliance member Neil Forbes at Edinburgh's Atrium restaurant. Stints in Germany, France, London & New York have all fueled Steve's love for food. Steve returned to his native Scotland with his young family in 2017, setting up his business, Pop. which aims to educate and inspire cooks of all ages and abilities in their homes, school and places of work as well as many pop-ups in unusual locations across the region.

Peter Mountford-Smith
Big Table Leader
Peter became involved in food when working in outside catering during a gap year. Like many people, he started cooking as a student and gradually developed this skill during a career unrelated to food. He now cooks from scratch most days in a variety of cuisines. As an active member of the Green Party, he is interested in sustainable food systems and the wider politics of food. He joined the Slow Food movement because it reflects his views about the importance of good quality, tasty food from sustainable sources, and because it actively promotes these values.
Mike Wilson
Event Support
Mike's interest in Slow Food is the result of growing up next to a farm and travelling extensively around Scotland in a prior job. He was able to enjoy the local food ecosystems, particularly in the Highland and Islands, and see producers, shops and restaurants work closely together in a sustainable manner. The quality of the ingredients on offer and the end result is something he wants to help promote in the city. He is also interested in education as children need to better understand what is on their plate in terms of ingredients, source, production methods and cooking process.
Federica Rigoselli
Film Nights Coordinator
Federica moved in Edinburgh from Italy in 2017. Because of her studies in Agriculture, the time spent in a rural area, and her passion for food and cooking, she developed during the years an interest for local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. She joined Slow Food to help spread its Good, Clean and Fair message here in Edinburgh.