Edinburgh Foodies Leek Risotto Recipe

At the beginning of month our fabulous senior head chef Marcin and fellow member of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance joined me to host a brilliant al fresco demo at The Edinburgh Food Festival for Slow Food Edinburgh.  

What a team our Slow Food foodie friends are.  All volunteers there to support a worthy cause of champion and sharing the message of good clean and fair food.  Well done team Slow Food.  There was an artisan cheese tasting, strawberry tasting, canapes for sale and the Slow Food Youth Network were sharing all their stories and great work too.  

Marcin did the cooking and I did the talking.  Good team!  Marcin well done everyone said the risotto was delicious.  Victor was on hand rallying the crowds - oh he loves a megaphone!

Here’s the recipe for you to cook at home  

Carina Contini