Food Assembly: creating a better way to eat with community in its heart.

Food Assembly addresses directly the needs of small scale food producers who need to find safe and secure route to market and  consumers who want to buy local and seasonal but struggle to do so, all accessible to order online and then pick it up from a local venue.

To buy food directly from local farmers and producers, you firstly need to register for free at the Once your account is set up, find your local Food Assembly and choose from a wide range of local products, from fruit and vegetables to cheese, bread and home made jams and sweets. Every week, Assemblies take place in local venues where you collect your orders, and also where you can meet the people behind your food, with whom you can have a chat and find out more about the production system. And then you can go home and enjoy cooking, all with a great contribution to local economy, supporting producers.

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Watch the video and learn more about benefits of buying your food through Food Assembly.

This movement started in France and is currently present across Europe. See a list of Food Assemblies in Scotland:

  • Eyemouth: Berwickshire Food Assembly
  • Haddington: Haddington Food Assembly,
  • Edinburgh: Southside Food Assembly, New Town, Leith Food Assembly
  • Linlithgow: Linlithgow Food Assembly
  • Bathgate: Bathgate Food Assembly
  • Stirling: Stirling Food Assembly
  • Milngavie, Milngavie Food Assembly
  • Glasgow: Drygtae Food Assembly, Glasgow West Food Assembly
  • Inverness: Inverness Food Assembly
  • Dingwall: Dingwall Food Assembly

You don’t see a Food Assembly in your local area, why not starting your own?

Sorina Savascu, who launched the Southside Food Assembly says: “Seeing the struggle to find great local produce, apart from what’s available at the farmers market, I’ve decided to open my own food assembly. I’ve chosen a location close to University to encourage students to buy fresh, local food.”

Joining and buying at Food Assembly and choosing local food from sustainable sources is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and contributing to low-carbon society.  

Slow Food #menuforchange campaign aims to raise awareness of food impact on climate change and help you to take actions at a personal level. Starting with the food we eat daily, we can do something better for the future of our planet.