Meet our Committee


Lucia Ortisi
Lucia Ortisi is a qualified chef and gastronomer who is passionate about the role that food plays in enriching our culture and identity. Italian by birth, Lucia started out practicing law until her entrepreneurial instincts got the better of her. Keen to share her love of Mediterranean culture with the wider world, she set up and directed a study abroad programme in her native Sicily that taught everything from Mediterranean diet to immigration and was eventually acquired by an American university. Now firmly established in Edinburgh with her family, Lucia has completed her studies in gastronomy at Queen Margaret University, so that she is in a better position to put nutritious, sustainable and delicious food at the centre of her work.
Eleonora Vanello
Eleonora discovered Slow Food when was living in Italy. She was very fascinated by SF’s events as they tell the story and traditions behind each produce. Volunteering with SFE is giving her the opportunity to know the land where she lives and the food and drink traditions, understand what biodiversity and climate change really means and have a lot of fun with people that share her passion.
Adela Trofin

Adela works as a human rights campaigner on a day to day basis, and is an advocate of good, clean, fair food as a life basis. Brought up with home-cooked meals and seasonal ingredients grown by both her grandmother and her parents on a veggie patch, she’s deeply rooted in conviviality, commitment to real food, and supporting sustainable small farming. Involved with the Slow Food movement since 2012, she's been the Slow Food Iași Convivium Leader for 6 years while living in Romania. Since she's moved to Scotland, she’s been a strong supporter of local gastronomy while constantly learning how our food choices shape us as individuals and communities and simple things we can each do to address the broken food systems of the world we live in.

Peter Mountford-Smith

Peter became involved in food when working in outside catering during a gap year. Like many people, he started cooking as a student and gradually developed this skill during a career unrelated to food. He now cooks from scratch most days in a variety of cuisines, and is interested in sustainable food systems and the wider politics of food. He joined the Slow Food movement because it reflects his views about the importance of good quality, tasty food from sustainable sources, and because it actively promotes these values.

Sorina Savascu

Sorina eats, speaks and dreams the Slow Food ethos. From hospitality jobs, to running one of the fastest growing Edinburgh’s Food Assemblies, to helping produce local charcuterie, and later on expanding into farm business development, she is the one to ask anything and everything about meats, lard and animal welfare. 


Mike Wilson