Bread in the Wild

It's Sourdough September! So come and join our Slow Food family for a tasting of some truly unique sourdough bread and lovely food prepared by the volunteers at Granton Community Gardens and Bakery, on Saturday 25th September at 5.30 pm.
As part of the Real Bread Campaign, the visit will include a tour of the gardens where Lisa will talk about the work of the community garden's volunteers, and why they grow heritage grains, like "Rouge d'Ecosse" wheat. During the visit, you can also taste some of the other seasonal produce grown in the gardens.
The Granton Community Bakery is run by Ruby and offers delicious, healthy, and affordable sourdough bread to the local neighborhood and community. Please bring a clean, empty jar if you'd like to take some sourdough starter back home with you!
Limited number of tickets available:
£6 Slow Food members
£8 non Slow Food members
£16 Family (2 adults + 2 kids)