Lovers’ Porridge


  • Steep ¾ cup medium oatmeal in 1¼ cups milk. For a non dairy alternative use oat or coconut milk.  If using pinhead oatmeal steep the oats in the liquid overnight.
  • Warm together with ¼ tsp ground cardamom
  • To serve, stir in 10 white chocolate buttons. (Omit, for dairy free appetites
  • Add chopped rhubarb which has been pureed with star anise and fresh orange juice.
  • For that Valentine effect, sprinkle with rose petals.

And, if you wish to sweeten up your Valentine, drizzle on some honey.

This porridge for St Valentine’s Day is based on the Spring seasonal  Porridge currently on the menu at Ostara Café, Leith, designed by Cooks’ Alliance member David McVey and his chef Jamie.

Ingredients sourced from: